About Us

Blatant Lacrosse began in 2011 when it's two founders began selling lacrosse-themed t-shirts at local lacrosse events in Long Island, NY. Since then, Blatant has developed into a multifaceted and diverse organization, playing a significant role in the lacrosse industry, and other sports as well.

As a uniform provider, Blatant outfits more than 500 teams with the gear they need to look like a team on the field. With 100% customizable designs and dozens of style options, you're sure to find a style you love for your team. For more information about our uniforms, or to get started on a complimentary art mockup, visit our custom uniforms page.

Another subdivision of Blatant is Blatant Events. Blatant Events hosts and organizes multiple top level youth lacrosse tournaments each year in Long Island, NY. Our tournaments and showcases are always some of the most highly attended tournaments each season, with teams from all over the U.S. and Canada competing. For more information, or to sign up your team for one of our events, visit BlatantEvents.com.

For outfitting your team off the field, Blatant Team Store is your solution. Blatant Team Store provides teams the opportunity to purchase team-branded apparel and spirit-wear in a quick and easy way. No more filling out order forms, order deadlines, or handing out gear. Blatant Team Store sets up your team with an online shop where your players and parents can order their team gear 24/7, 365 days a year. All orders are shipped directly to the player's home within 2 weeks. Stores are free to set up, and each team earns back a percentage of their store's sales. To open your team store, visit BlatantTeamStore.com