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Epoch Dragonfly Nine C30 IQ5 with Z1 Complete

$229.00 USD $249.99 USD

Epoch offers their most elite stick setup with the Epoch Z-One Dragonfly Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick, pairing Epoch’s staple composite shaft with their new revolutionary head.

The ultimate blend of speed and control, the Z-One is engineered with a narrow face shape and high flair for maximum control. Featuring Epoch’s new Knot Lock Technology, the Z-One is not only designed perfectly for elite stringers, but also reduces weight along the sidewalls without sacrificing durability.

Widely known as one of the most technologically-advanced shafts in the game, the Dragonfly 9 has built on years of design, innovation, and engineering to offer a stick with increased durability and decreased weight, making it an elite offensive handle.

Designed for ultimate customization to fit a player’s specs, the Dragonfly 9 offers three different flex points, ranging from the iQ2 Flex Point for step down shooters who generate a lot of torque, to the iQ9 Flex Point, designed for younger players looking for added snap on shots and passes.

By combining the Z-One head with their Dragonfly 9 shaft, Epoch has created the ultimate lightweight and durable setup for elite goal-scorers looking for a technological advantage over their opponents.