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Blatant Lacrosse: Keep The Game Growing

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Always a mantra of the lacrosse community, “growing the game” unfortunately does not seem possible for many teams this year who no longer have the money to run a team. Between league entry fees, the cost of new uniforms, equipment funds, and the general day-to-day work required to properly run a team, we have seen first-hand the grim circumstances facing countless programs due to the virus.

Inspired by the recent efforts to help small businesses across the country by The Barstool Fund, we have decided to create a similar fundraiser in order to help local lacrosse teams negatively impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

So, if you can chip-in a share or a dollar, $20, $100, or even more, every bit truly counts and will go directly to youth and HS teams who apply through our fundraising site. If you are a team in need of financial support due to the virus, send us your story, the amount of money you need to get through this season, and hopefully we can help.

We will get through this difficult time together as a community, as we always have, and as we always will.



All proceeds from merchandise sales will go towards the Keep The Game Growing Fund.

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